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Image by Danielle Cerullo

The Ultimate Amenity

Owners with self pay markets are spending more time managing their gyms rather than ringing up bottled water and protein bars at the counter or dealing with vending machine breakdowns! 

Self Pay Gym Markets
Self Pay Gym Markets


Self Pay Gym Markets are an open store nutrition concept feel, that brings hydration, stimulants and protein, to your on-the-go members!  Boost your members gym satisfaction! 

Self Pay Gym Markets


Like the U-Scan at your grocery store, members simply make a product selection, step up to the checkout kiosk, scan their item(s) and can pay with cash, credit, Apple/Google pay.  They can also set up a store account by adding money for quick paying methods. 

Self Pay Gym Markets


Self Pay Gym Markets are managed by reviewing on hand inventory against inventory going into the market during each service.  Additionally, cameras are set up POINTED AT THE MARKET monitoring EVERY transaction. 

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